Olympic Derby Berlin
The feat Herbert Ulonska pulled off in 1990 in Rostock – developing a vision, finding partners and implementing an idea – was something he also achieved with great aplomb in Berlin, from 1998 onwards. At the old Olympic site in the capital there was, and still is, an ideally-situated tournament ground complete with bumps and water, a classic grass tournament ground. Ulonska founded the Olympic Derby Berlin there, an international competition with show jumping over natural obstacles. In 2001 the Olympic Derby was also part of the Riders Tour.

CSI Rostock – pioneering spirit
Immediately after reunification in 1990 Herbert Ulsonka was the first person to have the faith in himself to get an international tournament up and running near Rostock, in Dummersdorf. The initiative went down well – not only in Rostock-Dummersdorf but also amongst international riders. In the first year – without currency conversion – one simply exchanged 1:1. Subsequently this small village near the Hanseatic city played host to regular CSIs until space requirements increased and the site was no longer big enough. The CSI moved house!

CSI Redefin – Sport at the State Stud
What began in Rostock was picked up at the Redefin State Stud in 2000. Following the model in Neustadt-Dosse, this famous breeding site became the venue for an international tournament, providing continuity for a big equestrian sports event in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. For more than ten years Ulonska’s involvement guaranteed international visitors and a spotlight on Redefin.