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From 1971 to 1982 Maas J. Hell led operations for the association in Elmshorn and had a lasting impact on the advancement of sport horse breeding and the marketing of the Holsteiner horse. The engagement of stallions in sport as evidence of their own personal abilities and strengths, and the importing of refining stallions such as the legendary Cor de la Bryere are enduring results of his prescient work.

In 1982 Maas J. Hell decided to give up the management of the association in order to expand and further develop his private stallion station and marketing business in Klein Offenseth. This was the beginning of the Maas J. Hell Stallion Station in Klein Offenseth. Over the course of time the stallions he discovered found their way into practically every breeding region in Europe. His commercial successes as a marketer also speak for themselves. Horses from Klein Offenseth have been exported to 38 different countries, and many of them have gone on to be an advert for the Holsteiner breed through their achievements in some of the greatest tournament arenas in the world.

In 1997 Maas Johannes Hell passed away. The work of the stallion station was taken over by his wife and long-standing Bereiter Thomas Mohr, who went his own way a few years ago.
At the start of 2011 Magdelene Hell decided to put the station into the hands of Hamburg businessman Herbert Ulonska, who for decades had been making a name for himself in Germany with stallion breeding/leasing and organising international tournaments, and who still to this day successfully competes in tournaments with mainly his own stallions, up to S level. Proven stallions Calido und Acodetto remain at the station. The selection is complemented by, amongst others, Canstakko, Lentini, Class de Luxe, Lassergut Cash und Carry, Hym d’Isigny,Casselot, Colcannon, Central Park, Conditus, Coquetto, Diego De Semilly, Fantasio, Quiwi Capitol and Huston. Herbert Ulonska continues to lead the stallion station in the spirit of Maas J. Hell, making a lasting impression on the very essence of private stallion keeping in Schleswig-Holstein.