Co-operation agreed – future secured for Graf von Lindenau Hall
(Neustadt-Dosse) The future of the Graf von Lindenau Hall in Neustadt/ Dosse has been secured by means of a new co-operative venture. The contacts between the City and Council of Neustadt/Dosse, the Brandenburg Main and County Stud Foundation, the  Brandenburg-Anhalt Horse Breeding Association e.V. and ESE – Equestrian Sport Events – were signed in the Graf von Lindenau Hall in the presence of Brandenburg Secretary of State for Agriculture Carolin Schilde.

“The hall has become a hallmark for Neustadt and a real attraction for visitors from both near and far; that’s why its continued use is so important for both the city and its surroundings”, emphasised Department Director Dieter Fuchs. The co-operative venture was possible because all the co-operative partners were willing to get moving and to share the financial responsibilities, and because a management service contract was established with ESE, which includes the management, administration and marketing for the hall, without the revenues from it going to the co-operative partners. Herbert Ulonska, director of ESE and organiser of the CSI Neustadt-Dosse for the past 17 years: “It was totally clear that this was the only way it could work. The focus must be on making sure that the hall is used to good purpose and its preservation guaranteed.”

The upkeep of the Graf von Lindenau Hall costs around 90,000 euros each year, a sum which in this structurally weak region is directed towards the costs of other, more important projects. The four co-operative partners have now established a new solution which guarantees the maintenance of the hall. Surpluses, which can be achieved by means of additional events, will be re-invested into the hall’s operations. Management and marketing costs will not be reimbursed to ESE but rather generated as sponsorship.

“I’m really pleased that the future of the hall now appears to be secure and that the efforts of the former Department Director and the former Minister of Agriculture have been rewarded with success”, says Wolfgang Jung of the Brandenburg-Anhalt Horse Breeding Association e.V.. The next event in the programme is an “Octoberfest” in the Graf von Lindenau Hall, ahead of the “Showcase of the Best” with licensing and auction in November. In December there will be a “Christmas Fairytale” and each January the CSI Neustadt-Dosse will take centre stage.