In January 2000 everything was set – for the very first time, an international equestrian tournament took place in the Graf von Lindenau-Halle in Neustadt-Dosse (Brandenburg).


The organisers awaited these first days of tournament competition with baited breath – how would the tournament go down with spectators? The answer came back by return of post – the spectators were absolutely delighted. This region of Brandenburg is, of course, horse mad and has been for centuries.  Founded in 1788, the Brandenburg Principal and State Stud (Brandenburgische Haupt- und Landgestüt), directly in the vicinity of the Graf von Lindenau-Halle, creates more than just jobs and events. It manages to bring the people of the region together, with horses at the very heart of the area.

But the visitors did not just come from Brandenburg. Even today, equestrian fans from Lower Saxony, Berlin, Schleswig-Holstein, Saxony-Anhalt or Mecklenburg-Vorpommern will gladly jump in the car and travel for miles to enjoy tournament days packed full of thrilling competition in Neustadt-Dosse and to marvel at the Gala Stallion Show. And for those of you who may now be curious, please take the chance to form an image of the CSI Neustadt-Dosse for yourselves. In January each year riders from more than ten countries open the equestrian sporting year in style in Neustadt-Dosse so make sure you get your tickets in good time. What does the tournament offer? Click here to find out more …